Jun 30, 2019

Ron English at Toycon Pop Life FanX in Manila


Ron English's whirlwind tour of Asia continued this weekend as he made his way to Manila as the featured artist for the ToyCon Pop Life FanX convention held at the SMX Convention Center. Ron signed for fans at the Popaganda booth which featured an illustrated mural of many of his characters, both familiar and new. 

As you might expect, he also released several new vinyl art toys at the show from Pop Life including Elefanka (a butterfly + elephant hybrid) Menace Hulk, Grinnie, the Delusionville Minis, and a new MC Supersized proudly wearing an outfit inspired by the Filipino flag. Look for several of these new releases (and more) to be released in the United States soon, perhaps as early as SDCC  Be sure to follow both Pop Life and Ron English on Instagram for the latest info.

Ron's appearance at Toycon followed his sold-out English Translation Series exhibition in Shenzhen and a release event in Macau, known as China's Las Vegas.


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