Apr 04, 2013

Dolly Oblong – Billy Brains for ToyCon UK


Dolly Oblong, along with the Muffinman, will be unleashing their Billy Brains resin figures for ToyCon UK as well as an online release for those unable to attend. Billy Brains is limited to 20 pieces and stands 3” tall and will retail £35 each. This guy is too cute to pass up!

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TADO for ToyCon UK!


TADO will most definitely have their presence felt at Toycon UK with the slew of awesome goods that will be available at their booth. Some things you can all be looking forward to would have to be their new resin figures, The Hermazinger and Miss Panda Super Idol. Not to mention their laser etched wood keychains that feature 6 different designs at £5 each. In need of something to cuddle or rest your head on after a long day at ToyCon UK? TADO will have their hand made cushions that will range from £10 - £25 depending on size. In need of more things to add to your shelves? Check out the painted (£120) and unpainted editions of Panda Otaku, who is armed to the teeth with cameras. He stands 6.5” tall and even comes with a ‘Hobbyshop Astro’ bag and miniature ‘gentlemans comic’. The packaging for this figure is even good enough to go on your shelf! There will be a limited number available at ToyCon, as well as a pre-order for those not able to attend HERE after the convention. More pics after the jump!


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Chima Group x The Hang Gang ToyCon UK Exclusives


Just when we thought they were through with ToyCon UK exclusives, The Hang Gang has just announced two more from Chima Group. Available will be Amedas (£20) and Wool (£26), which are cast in a white vinyl with pink and teal sprays. There will only be 9 of each figure up for grabs, so head to their booth quickly!

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Apr 03, 2013

Podgy Panda at ToyCon UK


You’re not going to want to Podge this Panda at ToyCon UK. Get it.. podge… dodge…? No? Anyways, Podgy Panda will have a number of goods at his booth, including a TON of prints, Podgonaut resin figures, customs vinyl toys, and badges! Need wall décor? This is the one stop shop for all of that! Check out some of the goods after the jump.


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Sergio Mancini for Red Mutuca at ToyCon UK


Sergio Mancini is planning on having a custom piece for the Red Mutuca at ToyCon UK. I know what you’re thinking, how much for this amazing 8” Custom Dunny? Unfortunately this is only for display and not for sale. Sad, we know! If you didn’t recognize it already, this is the beefed up version of his 2012 Dunny. It also comes accessorized with a compass and triangle. All you ToyCon attendees be sure to take tons of photos of this great looking custom!


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Apr 01, 2013

Lunartik for ToyCon UK


Lunartik has come up with a couple exclusives for his booth at ToyCon UK. First up is the Mini Lunartik in a cup of Tea “Royal Tea” edition, which is limited to 200 pieces and all come signed and numbered for £15 each.


Second is the Royal Fail resin figures. Featuring the Pink and Turquoise colors, these will be limited to 25 pieces. They stand 2.5” tall and are also signed and numbered for £30 each.

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Mar 31, 2013

The Hang Gang ToyConUK Sofubi Exclusive Releases


The Hang Gang has gotten their hands on a few more sofubi exclusive releases for ToyCon UK. They’ve got goods from folks such as Super7, Uamou, and Max Toy Co. Coming from Super7, they’ve got an all new Mummy Boy, who is cast in a pearlescent vinyl with gold, silver, and teal sprays (£45). Then there is also Foster, who is cast in a teal vinyl with pink and blue sprays (£20).

From Uamou we have an assortment of Mini Uamou figures. They were each hand painted and sprayed by Goto San with metallic purple and silver sprays. There will only be 12 of these up for grabs (3 sets) at £26 each or £95 per set.

Last up is Mark Nagata’s Kaiju Negora figure, who is cast in a white vinyl with pink and green sprays. They will be available for £40 each at the booth at 1PM. The rest of the exclusives will be available at the opening of the convention at 10AM.

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Mar 26, 2013

Penny Taylor’s Fossilised Morrows


Based on her work, Penny Taylor seems drawn to the cycle of life.  Her Monster Embryos consider the beginning while her new Fossilised Morrows (2” x 1.5”) are the remnants of long past creatures.  Penny hand casts and paints the faux fossils which feature actual moss for a hint of color and texture.  No two are quite alike. These remind me a bit of pet rocks with an added bit of whimsy and back story – each comes with a ‘poetic back story for these creatures in the form of tiny, professionally printed, concertina book’  These will debut at ToyCon UK  (4.6) but are  available for online order as are ‘custom’ fossils in which you specify shape, color ranges and such – each for £15 (~ $23). Penny’s also created Fossilised Rings which will debut at ToyCon Uk and will then be available from her online shop.


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Mar 24, 2013

Jeffrey Lamm x Unbox Industries – The Hang Gang ToyCon Exclusive Flock Spike Wad


The Hang Gang has got their mittens on another wonderful release for their booth at ToyCon UK. Check out their exclusive Flocked Spike Wad release by Jeffrey Lamm and Unbox Industries. This uber limited figure is an edition of only 10 pieces, who is cast in a light grey vinyl with pink sprays and pink flocking! That’s right folks! Flocking! He will be available at the Hang Gang booth at a scheduled time (TBA) and will cost roughly $60. Another great surprise is that Jeffrey Lamm will be attending ToyCon, so you will have a chance to meet with the man himself!

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Mar 22, 2013

Angry Woebots x Silent Stage x Minty Fresh – ToyCon UK Exclusive Gazer Busts

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Looks like some goods from Angry Woebots and Silent Stage will be making it out to ToyCon UK! Check out these awesome ToyCon UK Exclusive Gazer busts, painted by Woes and sculpted by J*Ryu, which will be available through Minty Fresh. The Queensday Gazer (right) we know will be limited to only 25 pieces. It’s almost as if a tiger and a panda made whoopee. ToyCon is really bringing the heat! Stay tuned for more release information!

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Gary Ham x The Hang Gang – ToyCon Exclusive Wooper Looper


Gary Ham’s Wooper Looper will be making it out all the way to the UK for ToyCon 2013! This release will be exclusive to The Hang Gang booth, which features a tiffany blue vinyl with pink and silver sprays! There will only be 35 of these bad boys available at 55£ a pop.

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Mar 20, 2013

Doktor A. – Phizogs


Doktor A. has created some new must have figures for all you die hard collectors. Introducing the Phizogs, which are cold cast mechtorian plaques, made perfectly to display on your walls or with your other Dok A. pieces. There will be two sizes (3” & 5” diameter) and three finishes to choose from (Brass, Verdegris, Pewter). They will first launch at  ToyCon Uk then through his webstore shortly following the big show. The minis will retail $30 and the midis will retail $75. They were handcrafted by Baroque Design and hand finished and signed by Doktor A.


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