Apr 27, 2017

Cometdebris @ ToyCon UK 2017

UK Toycon 2017 Teaser ToyCon Kappa Kid ToyCon Tofu Kid ToyCon Oni Kid ToyCon Kappa ToyCon Ace Robo

Cometdebris will once again be taking over ToyCon UK with a bunch of his Japanese Soft Vinyl masterpieces! He will have with him at his booth (T6) 5 exclusive sofubi figures just for the two day event. Those exclusives include the Dark Pink Vinyl Kappa Kid, Pink Vinyl Tofu Kid, Red & Glow Marbled Vinyl Oni Kid, all of which will retail £25. Then there is also the Clear Orange Vinyl Kappa Shonen and Green Vinyl Ace Robo, which will retail £40. Be sure to make your way to his booth ASAP, as they will not last long!

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Apr 24, 2017

Six TwentyEight x The Hang Gang -- ToyCon Exclusive UK MITT

 ToyCon 01

Six TwentyEight’s Bumper Car canine brawler MITT is back and headed across the pond.  The Hang Gang will release the ToyCon UK exclusive MITT for £45 (~ $58) from their booth [#28] at the show. This time, a blue-eyed MITT (3.35” standing/2.5” seated) is rocking red from helmet to bumper car. As with the other editions, the figure can be display standing or riding in the bumper car by removing the lower-half of the bulldog. If you’re looking to pick up this very popular new toy at the show (4.29 –4.30), head directly to The Hang Gang booth or you’ll likely miss out.


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Apr 20, 2017

Okedoki – Lover Boy Debuts at ToyCon UK 2017 (4.29 – 4.30)

With oversized glasses, a rather large noggin and a form-fitting suit, Okedoki’s new 11” figure turns on the charm.  The cartoony sculpt definitely takes us back to the adorable, can’t be stopped Urkel and the simple fun of 90’s sitcom TV.  Sculpted and painted by Okedoki, this release continues her focus on charming, uplifting pieces while changing up the aesthetic a bit.

The very first figure from the Original Version (edition of 8) will be available at ToyCon UK 2017 (4.29 – 4.30) from the Collect and Display booth for £576 ($720).  The signed and numbered figures come in a stylish Canadian pine box with Plexiglass front and what appears to be shaped-foam to keep Mr. Heartbreaker safe and sound.  The rest of this first edition will be released later in the year.

unnamed (2)unnamed (3)

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