Oct 06, 2016

Touma and Kazuma at TTF – Retro Robot and More


Touma and Kazuma (his 13 yr. old son) have released quite a few sofubi figures at TTF – both mechanized and kawaii.  Retro Robot is the star of Touma’s offerings including several custom versions (NT 10850 / ~ $346) as well as a TTF edition (1800 NT / ~ $58).

Kazuma is just as busy as his father with two brand-new sofubi toys – Boris Puppy ( ~1.5”, 400 NT/ $~13) which he sculpted himself and a collaboration figure (2”, 450 NT/ ~$14.50) which is Kaiju artist DAN’s take on Kazuma’s first figure Pudong.

All of this can be found at the Touma Trooper Creative Order booths [A91 –93]


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Hints and Spices – Kowaiilas at TTF


Aussie designer Hints and Spices has unlead his his Kowaiila sofubi army at TTF.  As you can see there’s plenty of the lil’ guys to choose from including the clever Taro Milk Tea Bubble edition which features a clear head and abs straw and is filled with ‘boba’ which rattles around when shaken.  You’ll find these at the Touma Trooper Creative Order booths [A91 – 93].


A video posted by Hints and Spices (@hintsandspices) on


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Blackdots – New Rockin’ Jellybean Sofubi at TTF


Blackdots has a dark army of new Rockin’ Jellybean sofubi at their TTF booth [A32].  The drops are headlined by Mr. Death 2nd edition [NT 4000 / ~ $`128] – lookin’ wicked with cane and eyeball.  He’s backed up by the Monster Village members including Mummie Man Haunted Version [NT 4000 / ~$128] and Twin Head GID [NT 4000/~ $128]. Previous verions of the figures are also available. Blackdots is cash only.


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Mai Nagamoto x Instinctoy – Innocent & Core Happiness Version at TTF


Instinctoy’s effort to bring Mai Nagamoto’s vision of a rainbow emerging from her Innocent character is in the home stretch with a full prototype on display at TTF.  The roughly 9”  Innocent + Core Happiness Version figure features a gleeful child sitting atop a 3-segment cube snap-together rainbow which attaches to Innocent’s mouth. The rainbow segments can be rearranged depending on your mood. From the ambitious design and impressive engineering for Innocent to the beautiful packaging,  Instinctoy  is once again set to deliver a deluxe experience with a custom-printed drawstring bag featuring Nagamato’s art complete with a small mascot pin/badge.

Instinctoy is taking pre-orders (6200 NT / ~$198) at the show for the first colorway (left) with an estimated release of January 2017. The sample figure on the right appears to show an alternative (shorter) rainbow configuration and a different color scheme as well.



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Instinctoy x Kennyswork – Erosion Molly


U: Swapped in new pic

Instinctoy is setup for TTF and in addition to several new releases (including a complete(?) Innocent and Core by Mai Nagamoto), they are showing off a sculpt/prototype for Erosion Molly a collabo with Kenny Wong!  While Molly is certainly recognizable with her crown and signature expression, her body seems to be overtakne with the effect of Instinctoy’s Liquid creatures.

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Pucky x Unbox Industries – Pookie


Pucky will release her brand-new artist edition Pookie vinyl series at TTF [booth A74].  Produced by Unbox, these hand-painted figures (spray + brush) bring her vibrant and whimsical illustrations to playful life The hybrid deco really makes all the difference—they have a charming retro feel that goes beyond the usual vinyl ‘look’ to something that seems closer to clay or wood. Each of the four characters is limited to 150 pcs with 25 available at the show: Pookie (2350 NT / $75), Darlie (2350 NT / $75), Bean (2350 NT/ $75), and Gooby (1800 NT / $57).  It sounds as if the figures should be available at DesignerCon as well.


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Blackbook Toy at TTF: New Sofubi + Customs


Blackbook Toy [A33] will be at TTF and they are going big with several new editions of their popular figures plus a large number of customs.  On the production side, there’s the second coming of the S"K"UM-kun Supervillian edition. The OG edition was completely opaque.This time around, the body is clear purple and the head and hands are a milky vinyl.  The new edition also comes with a custom printed card that fits inside the body as well as a bandana.  Speaking of Supervillians, there’s also an MC Evil edition by Ron English. And for the trifecta we have the GID Kick My Ass by David Flores.

On the custom front, BBT is celebrating the 4th anniversary of the S"K"UM-kun with customs by Knuckle of Little Chop Design, Chop of Monster Farm, Kenth Toy Works, and Blood Guts Toys.  Kenth Toy Works also created several customs of Frank Kozik’s  Lil’ Alex and Dim as well as several Evil MC’s.


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Hands In Factory at TTF: Baby Horns S.3



Hands in Factory [booth A02] will release their brand-new Baby Horns S.3 vinyl figures at TTF.  The series features three figures – 02.Big Horn ver. Original (1900 NT / ~$60), 10.Fort Knox ver. Original (1900 NT / ~$60) and 10.Fort Knox ver. X SML (2200 NT / ~$70).  All three look great, especially the OG Fort Knox with the huge horns.  The collabo Sticky Monster Lab (SML) edition is pretty sweet as well with the crazy colors, cap+tee vibe and little bull companion (!) If you can’t make the show, look for an online pre-order later this month.

Hands in Factory will also release the first five pieces of their hand-made Mountain ver.Hans (20 total pcs, 8000 NT / ~ $255) at the show. 



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Unbox Industries at TTF: Chunk by Jim Dreams


Unbox will release the new Chunk (6”) vinyl figure from their very own Jim Dreams (Jim Chan) at TTF.  The happy go lucky Chunk is down for whatever comes.  He’ll be available in a wildly eclectic and colorful OG edition (1800 NT / ~$57)  as well as an all-black one (2200 NT / ~$70).   Really nice work from the concept to the design and sculpt – quirky and cool at the same time. The translucent bubble and bottle are nice touches.



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Jason Siu- Woof Bluetooth Speakers at TTF


Part of the HK Urban Vinyl boom at the turn of the century, Jason Siu turned heads with his urban speaker people figures (including his SPK series).  Siu will be showing at TTFTTF (booth 82) with his brand-new Woof Bluetooth speakers.  These feature Siu’s unmistakable aesthetic and apparently feature articulation at the head.  


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Tomenosuke at TTF: La Planete Sauvage “Tiva” Eyeline + Pink T+CP

a0077842_21485748 (1)

Tomenosuke will be at TTFTTF [booth A54] with several new releases including the La Planete Sauvage “Tiva” Eyeline figure from Unbox and several T+CP sofubi editions: Pink Stinky Ginger (2700 NT / ~$86, opaque)  by Chris Ryniak and Pink Chibis (900 NT/~ $28).  There will be 3 of each of the T+CP figures at TTF with a later online release.

The La Planete Sauvage “Tiva” Eyeline figure is Tomenosuke’s exclusive edition of Unbox’s officially licensed toy from the 1973 French film – Fantastic Planet.  It features Tiva with applied eyeliner, a reference to her human ‘pet’, Terr.  It’s limited to 50 pieces to be released as follows:

  • TTF: 10 pcs on 10.9 at Noon Taiwan Time. NT2500 
  • Online: 20 pcs on 10.29 at 7 PM PDT for $79 via Tomenosuke’s international site
  • Tokyo Comic Con – 20 pcs on 12.3-12.4 for 8640 yen.



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Oct 05, 2016

Paradise Toys at TTF (10.7 – 10.10)


Paradise Toys [Booth A15-A16] will be exhibiting in their hometown of Taipei for TTF 2016 (10.7-10.10).  This year they’ll featuring toys + art from an amazing group of Japanese and Korean artists including Shoko Nakazawa, Mai Nagamoto, Dehara, DAN, T9G, Uamou, Kaijin,  Konatsuya, Kaijin, Rockin Jellybean, KKamoxo, and 0313. Most of the artists will be at the show for signings and live painting sessions. Hit the jump for the signing schedule and a select preview of releases. Check out Paradise’s FB for a more complete release rundown including pricing and lottery rules.



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Touma x Nathan Hamill x 3DRetro – TTF Kaiju Frankenstein


It’s ALIVE!  First seen at last year’s DesignerCon in an unpainted edition, Kaiju Frankenstein—a melding of the minds of Touma and Nathan Hamill—will make it’s painted debut with a special Taipei Toy Festival (10.7-10.10) colorway.  Produced by 3DRetro, the strong paint job really highlights the over-the-top goodness of this pirate (?) meets universal monster piece.  A peg leg, a skull, Frankenstein head? yes, yes, yes and more! Oh, did we mention the little yellow companion sidekick (whale/bird) ?

Kaiju Frankenstein will be available at the Touma Trooper Creative OrderTouma Trooper Creative Order booths (A91 – A93) featuring Touma and his army of friends including Nathan Hamill, Candie Bolton, Teresa ChibaP.P. Pudding, Hints and Spices and many more. Check the collective’s signing schedule after the jump.


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Jul 08, 2016

Hikari Bambi – Kaiju Sakanatori (7.15)

Japanese artist Hikari Bambi, part of the Touma Trooper Creative Order, will release her new Kaiju Sakanatori at TTF 2016 in October (10.7 – 10.10). The part fish (Sakana) and part bird (Tori) sofubi will also be available for preorder on July 15th for 3500 yen (~ US$35) + s/h. Sculpted and prototyped by Gen Kitajima (P.P. Pudding), Sakanatori features five articulated parts which allow it to stand like a bird or stand up on its fish tail!  It’s a perfect friend for Hikari Bambi’s previous  Kaiju Nemukue  figure, a sleepy three-eyed kawaii beastie.


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