Oct 06, 2017

Jim Dreams x Unbox – Halloween Chunk & ‘Long Time No See’ at TTF (11.7-11.10)


Tapiei Toy Festival opens in just a few hours on Saturday (10.7).  Quite a few releases have caught our eyes and imagination including two new drops from Jim Dreams and Unbox available from the Unbox booths [A73/74].  First up is the fun Halloween Chunk which will be sold black-bagged because it features a GID chase. Jim’s pulled out all the scares for this one with the orange+black design, skeleton pattern, and ghostly snot bubble.  It’ll be available for 2700NT or ~$89.

The lovable yet rather brazen ‘Chunk’ character is back in a slightly bolder form and pose. Available in black and white editions, Long Time No See—nice rhyme—features the  beer-loving enjoying a wee little break.

22280578_735383686646493_1804845403531640832_n 22157993_107367026623129_6745821341863116800_n 22277684_120044942016131_5057659011373989888_nChunk_Halloween-1

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Oct 05, 2017

Paradise Toyland – Kaiju Hunting at Taipei Toy Festival (10.7 – 10.11)


Paradise Toyland  will launch its Kaiju Hunting collaborative project at Taipei Toy Festival as both a series of six mini sofubi figures from six Japanese artists and  a featured convention exhibition showcasing each of their careers from noted works to special pieces from their archives.  The Kaiju Hunting toy line includes Triboo by Dan 
BHM (Big Hairy Monster) by Studio UAMOUKumanba by Konatsu, Rasugimasu by T9G (shared two eyes color random mix). Seedlas by Shoko Nakazawa, Satoshi Yamamoto (Hunter) by Dehara  Yukinori

The series will debut with the Invisible Hunting set of all six figures in clear vinyl with painted accents. It will be available in the Kaiju Hunting exhibition area (Exhibition A) for 2400 NT (~$79.00).

21764735_1421242424627796_5655595574283110217_n19598548_1421242477961124_5406936048941838154_n 21766333_1421242654627773_944605845230220007_n22007618_1421242374627801_7078114070159847769_n 22007556_1421242587961113_141425178210679488_n 21617517_1554314227923680_1227980446460392192_n 21768192_1421242524627786_4471707014728468178_n

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Oct 01, 2017

Six TwentyEight Goes Horror with NYCC and TTF Exclusive MITTs


Following on the heels of its super-limited Kamen Rider MITT, Six TwentyEight will continues its small pop culture-inspired runs with two homages to Horror films.  The NYCC Exclusive MITT ‘The Clown’ (10 pcs) celebrates Stephen King’s classic ‘It’ complete with a very convincing/creepy clown face and iconic red balloon.  It will be available from myplasticheart [booth #888].  For Taipei Toy Festival, Wrong Gallery Taipei [booth A79] will release MITT ‘The Puppet’ (10 pcs)  based on the relentless Saw horror franchise. These special editions are scary good, good luck scoring em.



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Sep 28, 2017

Lumicar Launches Lumisofvi at TTF with T9G, Shoko Nakazawa and Konatsu


Toby HK and Alex Chin’s Lumicar is extending its no-batteries light-up car concept to the world of sofubi with its brand-new Lumisofvi line launching at Taipei Toy Festival 2017 with three releases from Japanese artists T9G, Shoko Nakazawa  and Konatsu .  Each toy pairs what appears to be new sculpts of each artist’s characters with a retro style car.  Each can be powered up with a separately available USB magnetic charging action for Lumi light-up fun.


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Aug 13, 2017

Seri Norica - Kaiju Icey Debuts at TTF 2017


Japanese artist Seri Norica will release an exclusive edition of her as yet-unreleased  Kaiju Icey sofubi—her first art toy—at Taipei Toy Festival 2017 (10.7 – 10.10) at the Touma Trooper Creative booths. Super Kawaii with just a touch of sadness—dig the expression and the little hands.   Inspired by the popular Japanese soda with the marble-in-the-bottle dispenser, the exclusive Raumune edition (50 pieces) is cast in light blue with a pale pink ‘cone’.   After TTF, the figure will be released online sometime in December.  The triple scoop shot above features the Ramune edition plus what we believe are tests of upcoming flavors.

KaijuIcey_Ramune-2 KaijuIcey_Ramune-1 KaijuIcey_Ramune-3

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