Jun 27, 2006

So What Formula Series from PhalanX

Props to andy b for sending us pics of the upcoming So What Forumula Series designed by Mark Chang for PhalanX.  Each  figure in this series comes with two interchangeable heads (monkey and human).  The three figures shown here  will  be released  in an initial run of 200 pieces at Taipei Toy Festival (07.06 - 07.09) in Pixie's booth (A38). 

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May 19, 2006

2006 Taipei Toy Festival

This year's lineup for Taipei Toy Festival is to die for. The annual exhibition will be held between July 6-9 in Taipei, Taiwan. As the festival draws near, we will have more info on the featured toys. For those in the Taipei neighborhood, there is NO reason keeping you away. As for those who are not, have no fear.....Francine and I are making the trek out to Taiwan and will have the most updated news of the event. So stay tuned!!!

The Exhibition: Taipei Toy Festival 2006
Date: July 6-9, 2006 (Thu~Sun)
Open Hours:
July 6   13:00-21:30
July 7-9  11:00-21:30
Venue: Core Pacific City Living Mall – Mira 9F
(No.138, Sec. 4, Bade Rd., Songshan District, Taipei City 105, Taiwan)

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May 05, 2006

Toy2R @ Taipei Toy Festival (07.06 - 07.09.06)

This year's Taipei Toy Festival runs from July 6th to July9th which is before SDCC rather thanafter it as was the case last year.  I wonder if this means TTF will seve as a semi-preview for SDCC?  Perhaps not as the vendors tend to be different between the two with many asian companies focusing on TTF and American/European vendors focusing on SDCC.  But we'll see ;-)  What I do know is that we have a partial list of what Toy2R is bringing to TTF (Booths A16 & A18).  The two pieces that catch my eye are the Knuckle Bear by Phunk Studio and the Fire version of Alphonzo (though this is like the fourth colorway). If you're looking for a Bunee Qee then you will be happy as well.

RUN/Semper-Fi -- 8" Qee Alphonzo Cat - Fire version

Touma -- 2.5" Knuckle Bear designed by Phunk Studio


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Toy2R shared exclusives: TTF and SDCC

Toy2R has started to announce exclusives for the upcoming summer convention season.  Several of these toys are joint exclusives for both Taipei Toy Festival (July 6-9)  and San Diego Comic Con (July 19 - 23).  At this point, most of these appear to be repaints.  While colorways aren't nearly as exciting as new designs and certainly not as exciting as new sculpts, I'm guessing some collectors will jump at the chance to get the Biskup or JLed colorway, perhaps because they weren't able to get the original one. 

Here's the current list of exclusives that will be at BOTH SDCC and TTF:

Joe Ledbetter - 8" Qee Toxic Swamp Bear (SDCC color)

Tim Biskup - 8" Qee Polska Egg (SDCC color)

Kozik - 8" Dr.Bomb - US Corpsman

  • Jeff Soto - 8" Qee Gumivore Egg (SDCC color)
  • Rolito - 2.5 " Rolitoboy Mini Figure (SDCC color)
  • Brothersfree - 2.5" Qee Brothersfree Designer Box Set
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