Jun 06, 2008

Mi2's Buddha's Delight



Newly formed Taiwanese Studio Mi2 (Motivation + Ideal) will show several new figure projects at the Taipei Toy Festival. This is an all white version of Buddha's Delight -- interesting design combining traditional Buddhist elements with a stylish urban vibe.  The details on this sculpt is well-done. We're curious to see the whole figure. Click through for a few project illustrations.  Mi2 is also working on three additional figures --  Little Shanti, Space Hike, and Buddha's Pet.


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May 31, 2008

BanaNa ViruS - JungLe ChimEra @ TTF '08

Awhile back we posted about  BanaNa ViruS's upcoming GibbEt resin figures which will debut at TTF '08 (7.10 - 7.13) .  We were impressed with both the variety and detail he's manged to create completely by his own hand.  Turns out he wasn't done with his summer toy releases.

You're looking at his second project JungLe ChimEra, a 12" original sculpt mixing the artists two favorite animals - Apes and Rabbits.  The sculpt is well done --  clean lines with personality and nice details (see the cigar).  Apparently, he's planning to cast six pieces and make four available for sale at TTF.  We're very curious to see the painted versions of  both GibBet and this new 12".  If you're attending the show be sure to check out the BanaNa ViruS booth (A32). Click through for more pics.


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May 30, 2008

Hiroshi Yoshii - Piyora for TTF '08

Renowned Japanese Illustrator Hiroshi Yoshii creates amazing gleaming 2.5d creatures using Zbrush.  He also brings some of these creatures into 3D with his own hand-made resin figures.  For TTF '08 , he's creating a 3-color edition of his fish-like figure, Piyora, to be sold through One Up.  The picture above is clearly a WIP shot of the figures in the painting stage.  To get a better idea of the quality finish and tight paint job to expect, check out the original colorway below.

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May 28, 2008

Taipei Toy Festival '08 - Giveaways

As we get closer to the opening of the Taipei Toy Testival (7.10 - 7.13),show organizer Monster Taipei is starting to release more details about the show.  The official poster designed by Winson Ma  lists all the exhibitors (pretty much a who's who of asian toy companies and artists) as well as the giveaway toys.  The daily giveaway(four in all) will be available to the first 500 people with paid admission.  There's a CiBoy from Red Magic, Snify - the canine companion to Smery (stinky tofu) by Devilrobots, a Molly keychain from Kennyswork and a Lau Lau mini.  There's also a 3" Homer Simpson Qee available for purchase -- but it looks exactly like the NYCC exclusive offered by Toy Tokyo.  One last thought -- Brothersfree is listed as an exhibitor, very interesting.

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