Nov 20, 2008

Superham – Carrot Shake Jake Exclusive @ VTN (12.06)


In a color combination of black and pink, Carrot Shake Jake makes an exclusive appearance at this seasons Vinyl Toy Network. Limited to only 100 pieces for only $45.00 and is the only colorway of this figure to be released. Alongside of Jake will be the creative mind of this character Gary Ham who will be signing figures and possible sketching for people as well. Gary is also coming prepared bringing a few goodies to sell, such as keychains, prints, and his Tinky character figure which all can be viewed via his cartel shop. Also on display will be a sample prototype of his next figure. So if your at VTN be sure to stop by and visit Gary and Carrot Shake Jake. More pictures of this figure after the jump.


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Nov 19, 2008

Tim Biskup Exclusive T9GxTB Rangeas (11.30)


Available at both VTN and the Bispop party Tim Biskup’s version of the Rangeas by T9G will be available to everyone. Limited to only 50 Pieces only 25 will be available to those who attend the 5th Annual Bispop Holiday Party on Sunday, November 30th from 2-5 PM located inside Johnson Motors Inc.The holiday party will feature new artworks, custom vinyl, tee shirts, and prints by Tim Biskup. The other 25 pieces will be up for grabs the following week at Vinyl Toy Network.

Johnson Motors   
36 @. Colorado Blvd   
#7 Mills Place Alley   
Pasadena, CA. 91105



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Nov 18, 2008

Super7 – Mummy Boy @VTN (12.6)



The awesome folks of Super7 bring to you, their adorable mascot Mummy Boy!In a bright green body followed by some yellow spray S7 and Gargamel put will release this scary but cute, or should I say “so cute it’s scary” guy on both days of VTN. Be sure to check out all the other kaiju goodness S7 brings all the way from San Francisco.

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Nov 16, 2008

Joe Ledbetter - Mono Smash @ VTN (12.6 - 12.7)


Toy2R will drop Joe Ledbetter's Mono Smash -- the last colorway, at the upcoming Winter VTN (December 6th and 7th) in their booth. The figure is limited to 150 pieces, stands 7" tall and features 7 points of articulation.  Limited to 1 per person, the figure will retail for $150. 

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Nov 11, 2008

Marka27 - BrokenBones "Day of the Dead" MG2 @ VTN (12.6)


Marka27's Minigods series has done quite well, first with the MG1 Brazil and more recently with the MG2 Mexico series.  While the Red, Green, & White MG2 is nice -- we (and probably most of you) have been waiting for this bad boy -- the BrokenBones "Day of the Dead" MG2.

The wait is almost over.  This beautifully wicked piece drops @ this year's  Winter Vinyl Toy Network (VTN) in Pasadena, CA on Saturday December 6th through Sunday the 7th. Marka will be on hand for signings on both days.


Each year, people gather at  Dia De Los Muertos ("Day of the Dead") celebrations in Mexico and elsewhere on November 1st to remember and honor the lives of  deceased friends and relatives.   Fittingly, Marka's inspired and intricate design pays tribute to his Mexican heritage and to loved ones who have passed. In a word, it's awesome. So come on out to VTN (12.6 - 12.7) for your first chance to buy this figure. 

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Oct 30, 2008

Introducing Vinnie, Star of Custom Show for VTN (12.6 – 7)



Vinnie, Vinyl Toy Network’s (VTN) mascot designed by Chris Lee, is ready for his closeup. No longer simply cool art on a flier, Vinnie’s now a super-sized 16” DIY figure produced by Wheaty Wheat studios specifically for a custom show at the upcoming Winter VTN which goes down December 6th and 7th.

Recently, Vinnie worked us into his busy schedule for a photo shoot high above Wilshire blvd.  We’re not sure which is his better side, we’ll let you decide.  More pics after the jump.  Keep reading Vinyl Pulse for upcoming sneak peeks.  Vinyl Pulse is a proud media sponsor of VTN and we’re looking forward to the best show yet.


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