Jan 28, 2014

Marka27 x BucketFeet Minigods Kicks


Marka27 is collaborating with artist brand BucketFeet on a pair of Minigods production sneakers. Marka’s design echoes the toys with the geometric patterns on the upper and the heel.   No word on a release yet, but expect both a men’s shoe (above) and a women’s shoe with added polka dot detail (after the jump).


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Jan 27, 2014

Freak Store -- 2014 Artists Apparel Collection

Freak Store is gearing up to release their 2014 Artists Apparel Collection. Look for exciting shirt designs from Patrick Wong, Hydro74, Theodoru Badiu, Patricio Oliver, Gary Ham, Jesse Phillips, I Love Dust, Muxxi and 64Colors. Stay tuned for more info.


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kaNO x Lightsleepers – Dilla Day Tee (2.7)


The Lightsleepers asked kaNO to create a shirt design to remember and celebrate legendary Hip-hop producer J Dilla.  Featuring a stylized portrait of Dilla rocking a cap and  studio headphones, the tee will drop on Dilla Day (2.7) – the producers birthday. Proceeds from the sale will be donated to the J Dilla foundation.   Keep an eye on the product entry over at Lightsleepers.net for online ordering info. 



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Jan 16, 2014

Jon-Paul Kaiser x Outsmart originals – Warrior Panda Tee Redux


Outsmart Originals is bringing back Jon-Paul Kaiser’s Warrior Panda Tees.  This time around his fierce design will be printed on both black and white tees rather than the grey shirts used for the first run.  The shirts are available for preorder in both men’s and women’s styles in sizes ranging all the way from small to 5XL (!) for ($20 + s/h).  Plus, you’ll be happy to know that Outsmart is once again offering their Buy 3 Get 1 Free deal – be sure to use the BAMBOO code at checkout to get in on the deal.

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Dec 12, 2013

The Loyal Subjects – 2 for 1 Tee Sale


Just in time for some last  minute holiday shopping, The Loyal Subjects is throwing a 2 for 1 T-shirt sale through Chirstmas (12.25). There are plenty of shirts ($25 each)  to choose from  including Transformer designs from Sket One as well as a number of sharp Les Schettkoe Tees.  If you decide to take advantage of this deal, use coupon code TSHIRT50 when you checkout.

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Dec 10, 2013

123klan Holiday Packs


Graffiti duo and design powerhouse 123klan has created four Holiday packs featuring a mix of their tees, caps, beanies, prints and sticker packs.  So if you’re looking to add some style to your daily gear or give a cool gift, you might want to check out all four packs ($94.50 + 104.50) from the 123klan web shop.


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Kuso Vinyl – Goodluck Bodhidharmapon KusoPon Figure & Ponugawa Snapback


Kuso Vinyl and Kuso Pop have a couple special releases for you today! First up is their Goodluck Bodhidharmapon Sunshine edition from their KusoPon All-Star series. The design comes from the Japanese Daruma Doll, which represents good fortune. They are limited to 100 pieces and are available now HERE for $10.95 a piece.

Wanting to rock some Kuso wear on your dome piece? Well also available is their new Ponugawa snapback, which is a collaboration piece from their Ponshugon series with Zephyr. There are only 70 of these available and are available HERE for $35.


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Dec 09, 2013

Outsmart Originals -- $10 Tee Shirt 24-hour Extravaganza (12.10)


If you’ve been looking to add some art to your closet or for affordable yet cool gifts, then Outsmart Originals has just the deal for you.  All day Tuesday (12.10) they will be offering their selection of artist Tees for just $10 each.  Yup, for 24 hours you can get shirts from Frank Kozik, JC Rivera, RSIN, Lamour Supreme, Sergio Mancini, Jon Paul Kaiser and more for only ten dollars (+s/h) each.  Psst, even though it’s still Monday – the deal is already live…

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Nov 19, 2013

Martin Hsu – Dragon Boy Shirts for Philippines Typhoon Relief


Through Thanksgiving, Martin Hsu is donating all the proceeds from the sale of his Dragon Boy Tees  ($20) to Doctors Without Borders’ Emergency Response Fund which earmarks the money to provide Relief for victims of the recent  tragic typhoon in the Philippines.  Additionally, Martin will match the donation provided through the shirt sales, meaning a total of 200% of the proceeds from Dragon Boy shirts through Thanksgiving, will be donated to assist the Philippines.  Thanks to Martin’s generosity, this is an awesome offer – buy a cool shirt, wear it proudly, and make a donation to a worthy cause.

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Oct 18, 2013

Pobber Apparel ?


Pobber is teasing a new project featuring at from Pause, Kronk, Doktor A, and Gary Ham.  The ‘Wear them all’ tag line has us thinking that Pobber is about release a new apparel line – perhaps tee shirts?

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Oct 03, 2013

MCA x Outsmart Originals – Project: Evil Ape


Outsmart Originals is tag teaming a special project for NYCC with MCA! Project: Evil Ape feature’s MCA’s iconic character, which has been redesigned by MCA, Sergio Mancini, Scott Tolleson, Oliver Hibert, L’amour Supreme, and Evoker for a special T-shirt release. Each Tee will be super limited and available at booth #208 in The Block. All 6 designs are available for pre-order HERE at a discounted price of $25 until October 16th.


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Aug 23, 2013

Bad Juju Update: New Hand Style Tee + Dripple Traffic Cones


Bad Juju recently rolled out several products including their brand-new ‘Hand Style’ tee ($26) as well as their sought-after Dripple Traffic Cones ($28)  The Hand Style Tee features Bad Juju mascot Dripple getting his vandal on.  First seen at DesignerCon 2012 as part of their urban style booth installation, Bad Juju’s traffic cones drew alot of interest and are now available in four different designs – each with a different Dripple expression.   And if you still haven’t taken advantage of Bad Juju’s free t-shirt offer, head on over to their site, register, and then selection the free promo Tee from the online shop.


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Sket One x Silent Stage – Galactic Empire Strikes Back w/Grayscale Version

001-Galactic Empire Greyscale

The people asked for it, so Silent Stage  is once again offering Sket One’s clever Galactic Empire Tee for one week (thru 8.29).  But wait, that’s not all.  In addition to the OG full-color edition, there’s now another option – Grayscale (on both white and black tees).  While each of the variations is cool, we’d say the gray on black is pretty sweet. Go get ‘em from the Silent Stage web shop for $25 each (+ s/h).


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Aug 05, 2013

KusoPop – Summer 2013 Collection Available


KusoPop has just released their Summer 2013 collection which features new urban designs in addition to several new graphic tees.  For those of you looking for something a little different, check out Kuso’s new leopard and camo pocket signature tees.   On the graphic side of life, Kuso’s got the Applpon vs Androidpon and Freddy Kreuger vs. Pon the 13th as well as some new Puff Nation collabos.  Check out all the new gear over at the KusoPop shop.


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Jul 30, 2013

RSIN x Outsmart Originals – Crown Tee + Cap


For their next release, Outsmart Originals is revisiting  RSIN’s popular Crown design.  This time around they are releasing it on a charcoal grey shirt (previously done in white and black).  Also they are releasing their first embroidered FlexFit Cap featuring RSIN’s skull logo.  As is their tradition, Outsmart will also be giving away a custom 2.5” Burning Bear RSIN custom to one  lucky, randomly chosen collector in a giveaway open to anyone who purchases one of the new RSIN items.  Both the Tee ($25)  and the cap ($25)  are guaranteed to ship by 8.9 – so order away.


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May 14, 2013

Uglydoll x The Ave Converse Chucks


Uglydoll has partnered with The Ave Venice to offer custom printed  Uglydoll Converse Chucks.  The new collection features four different Ugly Doll designs ready to be printed to white Chucks using The Ave’s patented process which is the heart of their on-demand custom printed apparel business.  The exclusive Uglydoll kicks are available at their Venice, California location and through their web store for $90 (+ s/h).  So if you love Ugly Dolls or know someone that does, these might be the perfect choice.


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May 07, 2013

Jake Gillispie x Spankystokes x Outsmart Originals – Stroll Shirt Pre-Order


Spankystokes is working alongside Outsmart Originals to produce Jake Gillispie‘s interpretation of Spanky’s Stroll onto a T-shirt! They are available for Pre-Order HERE for $25 with a chance for one lucky person to win the “Grand Stroll” prize. That would include a limited edition Stroll iPhone 5 case, Jake Gillispie Stroll Sticker, Limited edition Stroll print, and a OMFG S1 Custom Stroll figure. Pre-Orders end on May 31st, with shirts being available for both men and women and sizes up to 5XL.

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May 03, 2013

Reactor-88 x Brand New Intention -- Totem King Tees (5.3)

Brand New Intention has just officially announced Reactor-88's brand new Totem King tee which they teased back in March. The new red + white design on a black tee features the artist's signature Northwestern Native American inspired  aesthetic which has been featured on numerous products including several series of custom toys. It's available for pre-order now for $25 (+ s/h). As a fun bonus, each shirt purchase will include a chance to win a custom Reactor-88 4" Foomi (winner will be chosen on 6.3).

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Sket One x Silent Stage -- Galactic Empire Tees

Silent Stage is offering short-run Galactic Empire Tees from Sket One. Available on both black and white tees, these will be available for one week only (through 5.10) from Silentstagegallery.com for $25 each (+ s/h). If you're looking for a cool shirt that only a select few will be rocking, your search is over. The design feature's Sket's Star Wars inspired version of the California State flag and will also be available as a limited-edition print and flag dropping on 5.6 from 1xrun.


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Apr 30, 2013

TLS x Sket One – New Transformers Tees


If you grew up watching the old school OG Transformers cartoons back in the 80’s, you’ll definitely want to check out the brand-new retro themed Transformers Tees from The Loyal Subjects and Sket One.  Similar to his Transformers decks, Sket’s new shirts feature paint splatter graphics and vintage action-word designs.     All nine designs are available for pre-order from theloyalsubjects.com for $25 each (+ s/h). Check ‘em out.


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Apr 12, 2013

Preview of Bad Juju’s Spring Collection


Bad Juju recently posted their Spring 2013 Lookbook showcasing the brand through a look at their various art installations and murals as well as  their upcoming collection of apparel, decks and toys – many of which are fueled by Sket One’s art.  First debuted as a resin figure at last year’s DesignerCon, brand mascot Dripple will be featured on numerous Tees and decks.  The collection will be available shortly from Badjuju.com – we’ll be sure to let you know when the store goes live. 


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Mar 26, 2013

JC Rivera x OutsmART Originals – Bearchamp Tee


JC Rivera’s Bearchamp has been making quite a bit of noise recently, first as a Dunny Custom, and most recently as a new original resin figure.  Now he’s got his own tee in the works from OutsmART originals.  The gray tees (women and men’s) are available for pre-order now over from outsmART for $20 and should ship in mid-April.  We’re looking forward to seeing what’s next for JC’s Bearchamp – word is, it’s going to be big.

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Mar 22, 2013

Bwana Spoons – Boris the Bee Release (03.22)

borismf 8578485578_737f54b193_z

In need of that Boris the Bee fix? Well, Bwana Spoons has got the goods that’ll ale ya! You can find the newest Boris dropping this Friday, March 22nd at 11AM through the Bwana Shop. This edition will be cast in an orange vinyl with purple, green, blue, pink, and black sprays and will retail $30. There will also be few custom Boris sprayjobbers available as well!


Bwana also has another resin project in the works by the name of “Gravy” beginning now through June and ultimately a Vinyl release for SDCC. Curious as to what you can expect from the “Gravy” line, well the t-shirt above features one of the characters, Jeff. The Jeff T-shirt will help towards costs of molding, which can be found available HERE for $25 each.

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Mar 10, 2013

Reactor-88 x Brand New Intention - Totem King T-Shirt


The folks over at Brand New Intention have revealed a sneak peak of their upcoming t-shirt collab with toy customizer and our own Custom Corner writer, Reactor-88. The design is called the "King Totem"- as the design incorporates a classic Reactor-88 totem face and a crown on its head. No specific release info has been given yet- we'll keep you up to date as we get more info.

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Feb 16, 2013

KusoPop x Swaggwood – Ponshogun Pendant Necklace (2.19)


KusoPop continues their expansion into lifestyle accessories with their new Ponshogun Wooden Pendant Necklace, a collaboration with LA lifestyle brand Swaggwood.  An urban take on the warriors of feudal Japan, the piece features a 4” wood pendant with what appears to be a laser-cut design. The attached black beaded necklace completes the Asian vibe.  Limited to 30 pieces, the Ponshogun Pendant Necklace will be released on Tuesday (2.19) from the KusoPop web shop for $25.


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