Feb 05, 2013

KusoPop x Zephyr – Freddy Kreupon vs. Pon the 13th Snapback

002-0122 Packages 008

KusoPop has collaborated with Zephyr on a new snapback perfect for all those who grew up on slasher films.  Freddy Kreupon vs Pon the 13th pays homage to Freddy and Jason, perhaps the most iconic celluoid serial killers ever.  Limited to 70 pieces, this cap features all embroidered deco.  It’s available now from the KusoPop shop for $35.


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Jan 15, 2013

RSIN x outsmART Originals – The Crown Tee + Beanie


outsmART Originals has tapped RSIN for the latest releases in their ongoing series of artist apparel.  Reprising the design from the NYCC 2012 tee, The Crown is now available on a limited-edition black tee (in men and women’s style) and in our opinion looks even better than the OG white tee. In addition to the tee, outsmART is also introducing a first for them, beanies.  The Crown Beanie features an embroidered white crown (right on) on a black knit beanie. 

As a fun bonus, RSIN has created a ‘custom 4” Dunny’ which will be given to a lucky customer via a random drawing.  Customers will receive one entry for each RSIN crown item purchased.

The new RSIN apparel is available for pre-order from outsmartoriginals.com.  The shirts are $20, the beanies are $15, or both are available for $30 ($5 off).  Both will ship by 2.8.13. 


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Jan 02, 2013

KusoPop Varsity Jackets Introductory Sale

 001-image (1)

KusoPop is celebrating the introduction of their two new varsity style jackets with a special 3-day sale (47% off) through end of day on Friday (1.4).  Both the the red RetRonin Jacket by Rotobox and the black Darkness design from LilJapan have a suggested retail of $150 but are available now to on-the-ball fans at just $80.  Tired of hoodies or just looking for something a bit different?  These new KusoPop jackets are worth a look. 


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Dec 26, 2012

55DSL x TAG – I Believe in Angeles Collection


Toy Art Gallery has collaborated with Italian street wear brand 55DSL on the brand-new ‘I Believe in Angeles’ Collection featuring interpretations of the brand’s signature Angel from five LA-based artists – Mark Dean Veca, Johnny ‘KMNDZ’ RodriguezVictor Castillo, Brandon ‘Ragnar’ Johnson, and Anthony Ausgang.   Each artist’s design in featured on a Collection Tee and select designs are also available on sweatshirts. 

I had a chance to check these out in-person during the Blamo ‘Hug’ show.  If you’re looking for a high-quality artist Tee with eye-catching designs that blend into almost any setting, these are well worth a look.  The designs are well-printed and the shirts themselves have a nice premium feel.  The I Believe in Angeles Collection is available now online at Toy Art Gallery and at their Melrose location.


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Dec 20, 2012

BAIT x Street Fighter 25th Anniversary Collection


BAIT’s new 25th Anniversary  Street Fighter Collection of apparel celebrates the legendary coin-op, the recent Street Fighter World Championships held in San Francisco, as well as the city’s baseball achievements.  The collection features two designs – a World Championship-themed one featuring Ryu in an Orange/Black homage to the SF Giants, and another featuring  his rival, Akuma, poised above the simple and to the point ‘SOLID’ tag line.   The Ryu design is available on Tees, Raglans, as well as Pull-over and Zippered hoodies.  While the Akuma design is available on Tees, Raglans, and a Crewneck.  

The smart and tasteful designs of BAIT’s 25th Anniversary Street Fighter Collection honors the dedication of veteran gamers who spent endless hours playing SFII and its successors.   The complete collection is available now at BAIT’s web shop and their retail location in Diamond Bar.


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Dec 17, 2012

KusoPop offers 30% off with 2-day Holiday Sale (12.17 – 12.18)


Looking for a stylish last-minute gift or a few new additions to your wardrobe?  If so, KusoPop’s 2 day holiday sale  (12.17 – 12.18) featuring 30% off all the brand’s apparel is an excellent way to go.   Their online store is stocked with caps, tees, varsity jackets and more with designs from Nakanari (including the brand-new ‘ninja’ Tees) , Shon, Rotobox, Bigfoot, as well as merch featuring the lovely Linda Le.  Be sure to use the  KUSOXMAS2012 code as you check-out to receive the 30% discount.  Happy shopping.


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Dec 13, 2012

Scott Tolleson x OutsmART Originals – Bitta Critta Tee


OutsmART Originals continues its burgeoning line of artist Tees with their new ‘Bitta Critta’ Tee from Scott Tolleson.   His mischievous character is ready to take on the everyday duldrums on a dark olive green American Apparel shirt.  It’s available now for pre-order through 12.17 over @ outsmART’s web shop for $25.  The new shirt is  apparently Bitta’s first splash for the coming year.  OutsmART has indicated that the Bitta Critta toy (first seen on Proto Monday in 2010) will debut in 2013.



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Dec 04, 2012

Hachi Supply is Ready to Outfit your Dog in Style


After plenty of startup blood, sweat and tears, Shane Jessup’s Hachi Supply brand has officially released it debut collection of gear for your canine companion.  The first series features leashes and collars designed by Tristan Eaton, James Marshall (Dalek), SEEN, TADO, and Dustin Hostetler (UPSO).  While there are plenty of brands providing artist apparel and accessories for humans, dogs have not been nearly as fortunate – at least not until now.  As you can see in these photos from the brand’s first ‘Woofbook’ shot by Olivia De la Barie (My Dogs Studio), Hachi gives dogs a stylish yet tasteful leg up on the rest of the pack.

Check out Hachi Supply’s fully-stocked online store for artful and functional doggy gear – perfect  holiday gifts for your favorite four-legged friend.  Also be on the lookout for additional items shortly including comfy pet beds.  


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Nov 15, 2012

Pocket Wookie x outsmART Originals – Droid Hustler Tee


Blending the necessity of the everyday (urban art) grind with a bit of cosmic style, Pocket Wookie’s Droid Hustler Tee for men and women is the latest limited-edition tee from outsmART Originals.  Printed on appropriately desert colored American Apparel Fine Jersey T’s, the Droid Hustler is available through November 20th for $25 via outsmART’s web shop and then will be gone forever.   If you’re looking for artist tees that not everyone who drops by the local shop has, outsmART is a good way to go.

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Nov 06, 2012

RSIN x outsmART Originals -- ‘Whispering Tee’


Nascent brand outsmART originals has just announced their new ‘Whispering’ T-shirt designed by RSIN.   Designed by one of the most in-demand artists coming out of this year’s NYCC, the tee is available for preorder through 11.12 over at outsmART originals for $25 each, at which point no additional shirts will be produced.   This 2nd release follows their initial tee from Jon Paul Kaiser and  continues outsmART’s focus on the next generation of artists powering the art toy movement. Looking forward, we’re excited to see what’s next from this new brand and eager to get a glimpse of the art toy projects founder Kevin Winnik has indicated are in the works.

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Oct 20, 2012

outsmART Originals x Jon Paul Kaiser–Warrior Panda T-Shirt


outsmART Originals has just collaborated with Jon Paul Kaiser to release the all new "Warrior Panda” T-Shirt. This run will only be available for a limited time and will soon end on October 29th. Are you an ultimate JPK fan? This is just for you! Can’t get enough of looking at his toys in your home, well bring some of his designs out with ya! You can find the shirts available HERE for $25 each.

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Sep 20, 2012

The Loyals Subjects x Hasbro – Transformers Tees (9.25)


After some choice previews and teaser images, The Loyal Subjects is about to drop the first products  from their Hasbro-licensed Transformers project – Series 1 of their Transformer Tees.  The new collection features ten designs (across several colors) including eight character outline designs and two logo tees, created by Les Schettkoe.  The character tees feature 4 Autobots ( Bumble Bee, Optimus Prime, Jazz and Grimlock) and 4 Decepticons (Megatron, Thundercracker, Soundwave, and Starscream).  Based on Gen1 Transformers, these character designs appear to be previews of the upcoming Transformers Blindbox mini-figure series which is due in early December.    The 100% ringspun cotton  tees (S – 2XL) will be available on Tuesday, September 25th from theloyalsubjects.com, Newbury Comics, and select retailers for $25 each.



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Sep 09, 2012

More on The Loyal Subjects x Transformers Unveiled

d9d56e70f97111e189dc22000a1e87b7_7 17ebbdc2f90e11e1b7b11231381b57d8_7

It was first at the Agenda Trade Show in Long Beach, where The Loyal Subjects revealed their upcoming collaborative t-shirt line with the Transformers. Clothes are cool and all, but what about the toys?! Not too long ago TLS posted some shots of a WIP Optimus Prime figure, designed by Les Schettkoe,  which closely resembles the T-shirt design. We hope to see Megatron, Jazz, Stary Scream, Grimlock, Thunder Cracker, Soundwave, and Bumble Bee brought to life real soon. 


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Jul 31, 2012

Vannen x Tristan Eaton x Breaking Bad

After giving The Walking Dead the watch treatment, Vannen now turns its attention to another red hot prime time series from AMC -- Breaking Bad. Designed by Tristan Eaton, Contaminant features 'The Fly' (on the watch dial) which drove Walter into a frenzy in season three as he made repeated attempts to eliminate the winged pest lest it ruin his latest batch. The design also incorporates Walter's dark alter ego, Heisenberg, in stylized skull form on the watch rear. Keep an eye out for an upcoming giveway in which twelve of the new watches, produced in conjunction with the Breaking Gifs art project, will be up for grabs. What we're really waiting for though, is the full reveal.

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May 10, 2012

Sam Flores’ 12Grain Spring 2012 Tees


Sam Flores has created nine new Tee designs for the Spring 2012 collection of his 12Grain brand with Upper Playground.  There’s a wide variety including Geishas, Kid Dragon, and Fatima.  Each Tee is available for $26.

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Apr 02, 2012

Vannen x Nathan Jurevicius – ‘Haven’


We last posted a sneak peek HERE of the packaging of Nathan Jurevicius’s  ‘Haven’ watch with Vannen Watches. The full reveal/release took place  Friday, March 31st on the Vannen Website. So for those of you who had forgotten about the release, above is a look at their all new watch. Don’t forget that one lucky buyer will get a chance to own a one of a kind custom Akis figure by Nathan from Cherry Vinyl. They are available now HERE for $85 and soon at your local toy stores.


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Mar 26, 2012

Vannen x Nathan Jurevicius – Exclusive ‘Haven’ Sneak Peek (03.30)


We are happy to share with you an exclusive sneak peek of the packaging for Nathan Jurevicius’s upcoming ‘Haven’ Watch with Vannen Watches. This newest collaboration from Vannen will be releasing this Friday, March 30th at 12:01AM PST. These will be limited to 150 pieces total and will retail for $85 each. Each box is signed, numbered and doodled by Nathan. One lucky customer will find an original drawing by Nathan, which is redeemable for a one of a kind Akis figure by Nathan from Cherry Vinyl.


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Mar 14, 2012

Joe Ledbetter x The Loyal Subjects Lifestyle Line

423009_10150607706907113_56623727112_8922644_1413828993_n fire-catzilla_girlsringo_destructo_boysbatman_girls

The Loyal Subjects has collaborated with Joe Ledbetter on a new line of lifestyle products featuring his iconic characters including Mister Bunny, Firecat and Ringo.   No longer confined to your wall or your toy shelf,  you can take JLed’s characters wherever you care to go with eight new mens’ and womens’ tees (  and an aluminum water bottle. For the discriminating consumer… the shirts are 100% ringspun cotton fitted tees, screen printed with water based ink.  The hand-washable aluminum water bottle features a carabiner style top and keychain clip.

Looking over the tees, Firecat-Zilla and the irrepressible Ringo standout as must haves.  That said, word has it that the bat designs proved hard to resist during the recent pre-sale on Fab.   The water bottle  ($20) is available for pre-order now @ theloyalsubjects.com. The Tee line ($25 each, shipped)  will be available this Friday (3.16) from the same spot.  All of the products will ship in 2-3 weeks.


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Jan 22, 2012

KusoPop’s Winter 2012 Collection

KusoPop, the apparel division of Kuso Vinyl, has just released its Winter 2012 collection.  The collection features new Tees, Crewnecks, Hoodies, and Varsity Jackets with designs from Rotobox and MaiHiro.  If you’re a Celsius/Fahrenheit fan, definitely check out the kawaii baby character designs.  Check out all of the KusoPop gear over at their stocked web shop.


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Dec 20, 2011

The ‘Sex Toys’ Project from Cookies ‘n Cream


Cookies ‘N Cream is looking to spice things up with their aptly named ‘Sex Toys’ project which features naked models and popular art toys.  The first collection of Sex Toys tees features Tabi Love with a good of mix toys, as shot by Chandler Easley

I’m curious to see how collectors react to this new line.  On one hand, it seems like a no-brainer.  We all know the ‘sex sells’ cliché and for the most part its tried and true.  On the other, the execution of the products feels a bit rough. Also, the medium matters.  What might work on a print or a calendar in one’s house, might not work as well on a Tee, at least not for some.


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Dec 07, 2011

Buff Monster’s Ice Cream T-shirt (12.9)


Just in time for the holidays, Buff Monster has a brand-new T-shirt featuring his double scoop ice cream character as seen on his street paste-ups.  The whimsical but just a bit naughty shirts will be available in both  Men’s and Women’s styles on American Apparel, with a subtle design difference between the two.  Look for the shirts to drop directly from Buffmonster.com on Friday December 9th @ 10 AM PST for $25 (+ s/h). 


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Nov 15, 2011

Kidrobot x Skullcandy Headphones (12.2)

Kidrobot-Mix-Master_Dunny RS4978_11_Agent_KidRobot_45

Continuing their high-profile lifestyle crossover projects, Kidrobot has just announced two new headphones in collaboration with the trendy Skullcandy brand. There’s the blue/white + magenta ‘Kidrobot Agent’ for $59.95 and the deluxe black Dunny-themed Kidrobot Mix Master which is limited to 1000 pieces, features a foldable design, comes with an exclusive shiny 3-inch ‘Jacked-Up’ Dunny and will retail for $299.99.  Both headphones will drop on December 2nd at Kidrobot.com, KR stores, and specialty Skullcandy outlets. 


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Nov 07, 2011

Sneak: TADO x Vannen – ‘Daydream’ XL Watch (11.11)


Vannen Watches is gearing up to release ‘Daydream’, a whimsical and colorful new XL watch from UK super duo TADO.  Here’s a fun look at the packaging for the watch which is due to drop on Friday 11.11.11 from Vannenwatches.com and select retailers ($85, 150 pcs).  As is their sweet tradition, Vannen has a cool giveaway planned for this release – no specifics yet. So if you’re looking for a new watch or a fun gift for your favorite art fan, ‘Daydream’ might be just the thing.


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Sep 29, 2011

Doktor A. – Mechtorian Badges

TealBadgePackLorez BlackBadgePackLorez (1)

Have all you Doktor A. fans wonder how you can show your deep devotion to the master of Mechtorian Customs? Well, Doktor A. will soon be releasing his limited edition Mechtorian enamel badges on the 5th of each month. The first four months will feature the same character (seen above) in different colorways. The future badges will feature different characters. Each version will be limited to 100 pieces worldwide and will retail for $10. The first release (left) features a coppered metal with teal and will be available on October 5th in the Spooky Pop Shop. The Brass and Black badge will be available at Designer Con. He will be bringing 80 pieces along with him and the rest will be made available for online.


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Sep 12, 2011

Junko Mizuno’s Vannen XL Watch


We first gave you a packaging sneak peek of Junko Mizuno’s “Cirrina” Vannen XL watch HERE. Now we see some product shots of the new amazing watch Vannen has in store for you! This run is limited to 150 pieces and one lucky customer will win an original drawing created by Junko specifically for this release. Each watch will be available for $85 each and you can find them through select retailers.


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