Apr 01, 2013

Kuso @ WonderCon


For the second year in a row, Kuso made the trip down from SF to Anaheim for WonderCon.  On the Kuso Vinyl side of things, they featured the new golden version of their Luckitty mini-pon from Rotobox, gorgeous electroplated Chrome and Metallic Gold Mictlans from Jesse Hernandez, sweet Fahrenheit customs from Fuller. KusoPop  showcased their new merch including laser-cut keychains, new bamboo iPhone cases, wood pendants, and new Tees.


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Mar 31, 2013

Bad Bad Buddha Custom Show at WonderCon


While attending Wondercon we got to check out the Beefy Co. booth, which showcased a ton of customs featuring the Bad Bad Buddha figure as a platform. The figure served great as a big chunky piece of vinyl to work on and we are in love with the turn out. For more pictures from the show, take a look after the jump!


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Skinner @ WonderCon


Wild man Skinner set up shop at  WonderCon in his Critical Hit booth. For his first solo convention exhibition, he offered a wild collection of numerous large bold and colorful prints featuring barbarians, demons and more.  Fans of the Lurker had vinyl toys, mini prints, jewelry and more to choose from.  While the booth was focused on 2D art, Skinner created a small edition (3) of custom Fury sofubi for the show as well.  Hopefully he’ll continue to exhibit at various show around the country.


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Mar 30, 2013

DeKorner @ WonderCon -- Two New Broken Pigeon Editions

dkorner_bluedvader copy

On Friday, DeKorner’s exclusive edition of 5 red Death Vaders by Broken Pigeon sold out quickly.  So, the artist spent most of Friday working on additional figures.  On Saturday, DeKorner will release a black edition (5 pcs).  On Sunday, Broken Pigeon will be at the booth from 11 AM to Noon for the release of a blue Easter edition (5 pcs). Both editions will be available for $30 (including tax).  Drop by DeKorner’s booth [#1179) to get your Broken Pigeon fix.


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Mar 29, 2013

DeKorner Reveals Exclusive Scott Tolleson Raaar! Edition


Nestled in among their various exclusives at their WonderCon booth, DeKorner gave the public the first look at their upcoming exclusive colorway of Scott Tolleson's Raaar! from Dynamite Rex aptly named Dwight. The hand-painted paint master looks great rocking the Purple n' Gold. DeKorner's exclusive is expected in the Fall.



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Mar 28, 2013

DeKorner @ WonderCon – Yellow Gummy Deadbeet Set (3.29)


Here’s a look at DeKorner’s WonderCon exclusive Yellow Gummy Deadbeat exclusive from Scott Tolleson, which will be sold with the debut mini-deadbeet pvc figure in yellow.  The set will be available for $77 (including tax) on Saturday from Noon to 1 PM during Scott’s signing.  The set marks a preview of the mini-deadbeet which will also be released later in the year from October Toys.

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Mar 26, 2013

BAIT’s Exclusive Translucent Yellow and Purple OMFG!’s @ WonderCon

001-03-26-13bait-003-700x700 001-03-26-13bait-007-700x700

BAIT will debut both of their exclusive OMFG! sets at WonderCon.  They have a translucent purple series 1 edition and a translucent yellow series 2 edition – Go Lakers (yes, I’m loyal to the bitter end).  These are the OMFG! characters you love, produced by October Toys with special BAIT header cards.   Drop by BAIT’s booth [#1153] to check out these figs as well as their other exclusives including Dave Flores’ Deathshead and the Southern Jaguar Knight by Jesse Hernandez.


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DeKorner @ WonderCon – Apologies to Banksy Figures


In addition to their numerous WonderCon exclusives, DeKorner will be offering the new controversial Apologies to Banksy Figures at special ‘con pricing.  So if you’re itching to pick up either the Rude Copper (4” for $12, 6” for $24) or the Bomb Hugger (6”, $24) pvc + vinyl toys, this is your chance to do so at roughly 20% off the list price and without having to pay for shipping from the UK. Drop by booth #1179 to check out these street art inspired toys.


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BeeFy and Co. @ WonderCon – Ghost Tribe X Warrior Debut + More


BeeFy and Co. is gearing up for WonderCon with several releases, their ‘So Badass, It’s Good’ Custom Bad Bad Buddha Show’ and a whole weekend of artist signings.  For the drops, there’s the  Ghost Tribe X Warrior OG edition  which will debut at the ‘con.    As an advance release, only 40 pieces [ed. of 225] will be available.

BeeFy will also release MissyMToyz’ Lil Buddha 6” PolyResin based on her travels and appreciation of the cultures she encountered in the process.  With its faux bronze finish, this piece would blend right into a shrine or temple.  Each piece is signed and numbered by Marisa. 30 pieces [ed of 500] will be available @ WonderCon.

We previously posted early progress shots of several of the custom Bad Bad Buddha figures for BeeFy’s WonderCon custom show.  Several artists have posted their final pieces, many of which are extremely nice.  Hit the jump for a quick collage of what you’ll see at BeeFy’s booth.

BeeFy  will host signings from several artist throughout the the three days of the ‘con:

  • BeeFy will be signing all day for each of the three days
  • MissyMToyz - Fri 2pm, Sat 4pm, Sun 2pm
  • UNCLE - Fri 4pm - Exclusive Customs
  • Obscure - Sat 12pm - Prints
  • DeeTen - Sat 1pm
  • JRAD - Sat 2pm
  • Manny X - Sat 3pm - Exlcusive Brain Pins and Customs

If you’re going out to Anaheim for WonderCon, don’t miss BeeFy and Co @ booth #1253.


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DeKorner x Scott Tolleson – Exclusive Yellow Gummy Deadbeet Set @ WonderCon


DeKorner will release an exclusive 2 figure Deadbeet set from Scott Tolleson  for WonderCon (3.29 – 3.31). The set will feature a yellow full-sized Gummy (translucent) Deadbeet and for the first time ever, a mini pvc deadbeet from October Toys in yellow.  The set is a preview of sorts for the new minis which will be released later this year.

The Gummy Deadbeet is on his way from Japan at the moment, so we don’t have pictures yet. In the meantime, enjoy a peek at the mini pvc deadbeet and  Scott’s hilarious header card – love how he does a different one for each drop.  Limited to 30 sets, the Deadbeet set will be available for $77 (tax included) at the DeKorner booth [#1179]. Scott will be signing from Noon to 1 PM on Saturday (3.30).


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Mar 25, 2013

DeKorner @ WonderCon – MannyX’s ‘It Rose from the Filth’ + Android Customs

dkorner_wcon_mannyx copy_2

For WonderCon, DeKorner will be offering two exclusives from MannyX.  The first is a Neon Yellow GID w/black oil barrel version of his ‘It Rose from the Filth’ resin (10 pcs, $30 including tax).  Keeping with the GID theme is Manny’s 'Radioactive Spill’ Android custom in Black with Neon Yellow GID radioactive goop (5 pcs, $50 including tax).   Be sure to check out DeKorner’s booth at the ‘con [#1179].


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Dan Goodsell @ Wondercon: Midnight Super Toast + Shaky Bacon Resin


Dan Goodsell will be at Wondercon with two new creations from the Mr. Toast universe. First is the heroic Midnight Super Toast Plush (200 pcs w/hand numbered tag, 7”, $10). Dig the cape!  Next up is the new Shaky Bacon Resin sculpted by Pretty in Plastic and hand-painted by Dan himself (45 pieces, 5”, $45).  All of this and more will be at the Mr. Toast booth [#1168].


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Jesse Hernandez x Kuso Vinyl – Wondercon Exclusive Gold and Chrome Mictlan *Update*


Here we have an update on the release of Jesse Hernandez’s Chrome and Gold Mictlan figures, last seen HERE. They will each be limited to only 15 pieces, with the Chrome edition dropping on Friday and the Gold dropping on Saturday. They both come unequipped with staff and will retail $130 each. Jesse will be at the booth #1176 on Saturday, March 30th at 11AM signing.

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Mar 24, 2013

Super7 for Wondercon

wca2013_exc_super7_mummyboy wca2013_exc_super7_rosevampire wca2013_exc_super7_milton

Super7 will be making it down from San Francisco to once again to attend Wondercon this year. With them, they’ve got a handful of cute tiny sofubi figures or your collecting pleasures. First up is the Happy Cola Pocket Mummy Boy, which immediately screams that cola candy we all know and love. This release features a squishy clear vinyl made to replicate the feel of the candy, as well as a brown sprays. Second up is the Glowing Frost Pocket Rose Vampire, which is cast in a GID vinyl with blue and red sprays. Last up is the Midnight Snack Milton, who is also cast in a GID vinyl with pink, purple, and gold spray. All of these figures will be on sale at the S7 booth #1166 for $25 each.

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David Flores x BAIT – Wondercon Exclusive Dark Green Deathshead


BAIT has got a hold on another fresh Wondercon Exclusive drop for you all! Take a look at their exclusive Dark GreenDeathshead figure by David Flores. This is a run of only 30 pieces and will retail $100 each and should go fairly quickly. Find em’ at booth #1153.


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DeKorner @ WonderCon – Yellow Lucky Cat Android + Print Set


dkorner_luckycat copy

What’s better than a happy Yellow Lucky Cat Android ? How about a figure + print set?  For WonderCon (3.29 – 3.31), DeKorner will offer an exclusive set featuring the Yellow Lucky Cat Android and matching 5” mini-print (edition of 50).  The set will be available @ DeKorner’s booth [#1179] for $25 (tax included).  The exclusive yellow print will also be available to collectors who purchase three or more Lucky Cat Androids from DeKorner.  Series designer Shane Jessup will be signing at the booth on Sunday  (3.31) from Noon to 1 PM PDT.


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Mar 23, 2013

DeKorner @ WonderCon: Death Vader by Broken Pigeon

dead_reaper copy

As part of their WonderCon  (3.29-3.31) llineup, DeKorner will release an exclusive clear red edition of  Broken Pigeon’s Death Vader resin. The piece combines the grim reaper motiff with the most infamous Lord of the Sith.  Limited to 5 pieces, the 3.5” figure will be available for $30 (includes tax) from DeKorner’s booth [#1179].


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Mar 21, 2013

Rotobox x Kuso -- Gold Luckitty Pon for WonderCon

For WonderCon (11.29 - 11.31), Kuso Vinyl will release their exclusive Gold Luckitty Pon (3", 200 pcs, $11) from Rotobox. Following the OG White and the recent Black Japan editions, this golden cat will bring you immense wealth, at least according to the tradition. Scoop up your good fortune @ Kuso's booth [#1176].



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