Apr 19, 2014

Seen: Kuso Vinyl at Wondercon 2014

Kuso brought several new exclusives to Anaheim for this year’s Wondercon.  There’s the new Darko Kid Dragon Minicel from Rotobox and the Tiger Happy Luckitty Pon  plus the Inazuma colorway from Rotobox as well.  While not an exclusive per se,   there’s the new collabo Death Serpent Ghost edition from Jesse Hernandez and Hydro74 , a perfect piece for those looking for a larger, intricate vinyl piece.

In addition to offering several previously released  Luckitty Pons and Minicels including the Voltron-inspired 5Star Cubs edition, Kuso is also treating Wondercon attendees to a preview of their future releases including their SDCC aquarmine Darko Kid Dragon Minicel, and two new ‘Goodzilla’ (wink wink) Pons.  Finally, Kuso brought a selection of their Kuso Pop apparel including caps and jackets.

If you’re dropping by the ‘con on Sunday (4.20), be sure to drop by the Kuso booth [#1247].5_kuso_wcon14


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Apr 16, 2014

De Korner x K13 Toys – WonderCon Exclusive Ronin 1:6


De Korner worked with K13 Toys to create WonderCon Exclusive Editions of  the Taiwanese brand’s recently released Ronin 1:6 figures. Available in both black and white (runs of 5 pcs each), the De Korner exclusives include a bonus orange mask in addition to the figure’s standard loadout –- jumpsuit, white mask, bad ass knife, and knee+shin guards. Tribal style tattoos and a stylish almost-top knot complete the brawler’s look.  These special editions will be available at De Korner’s WonderCon booth [#1153] for $199.95 (tax included).

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Apr 15, 2014

Rotobox x Kuso Vinyl - Minicel: Darko The Kid Dragon Wondercon Exclusive


Kuso Vinyl isn’t through just yet! Here is their final release for this years Wondercon! Darko The Kid Dragon, who is the newest Minicel design to come from Rotobox. This release is limited to only 40 pieces and there will be a limited number of these released during each day of Wondercon. You will find them at the Kuso booth #1247 for $20 a piece.


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BeeFy & Co. -– WonderCon 20014 Exclusives

Spirit Jade Front Wondercon

BeeFy and Co returns to Anaheim for this year’s WonderCon (4.18 – 4.20) with two tempting exclusives.  First up is the Jade Bad Bad Buddha ‘Spirit’ edition in Resin.  This purple jade edition is a follow-up to the original blue ‘Water’ edition. Limited to just 24 pieces, this special 7” figure  comes in a matte black gift box with a fancy gold cloth wrapped foam insert and will be available for the auspicious price of $188. 

If you love plush, BeeFy will debut Elipoo, the 6th figure in their Adventures of Ryupoo line. This clumsily adorable elephant stands 9” tall, is limited to 100 pieces and will retail for $25.  Both the plush and the Bad Bad Buddha will be available from Beefy & Co’s booth [#1043]. Drop by and check out the new toys.


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Super7 at Wondercon


Super7 will be making their way from San Francisco to Anaheim for this years Wondercon. They won’t be visiting empty handed of course. Available will be a number of exclusives, including the Toxic Garbage Dump Fossilla for $95, which is made from 4 colors of melted garbage vinyl. Also the Pocket Rose Vampire and Pocket Baseball Boy for $35. Check them out at booth #1453 this weekend!

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Squid Kids Ink at Wondercon


Squid Kids Ink will be posted up at this years Wondercon! Their booth #1145 will have a bevy of releases for you to go home with! They will be debuting the long awaited Squib Kid and Squib! The first run of  5” Squib Kid are limited to 10 pieces for $75. The 3” Squib is also limited to 10 pieces and will run $40 each. You can also take them both home for $100.


To also bring in the new Squib figure, check out the “Squibs – They Came From Underspace” 7” 10-Doh! figure. There are only 50 of these to go around at $35 a piece. This is a must to go with your newly acquired Squib figures.


Last but not least are the So Analog keychains, which are available in both gloss or in a matte finish! You have 6 different keychains to choose from to add to your key ring, the 10-Doh!, B-Side, A-Drive, Atar-1, Atar-2, and Atar-3. They will retail $10 each or get the set of 6 for $50.

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Apr 14, 2014

Scott Tolleson x De Korner – Wondercon Exclusive Kookie No Good


Scott Tolleson and De Korner’s  downtrodden Kookie No Good will be at Wondercon in Anaheim (4.18 – 4.20)  in a special exclusive edition.  The third edition of the new sofubi toy features the classic cookie colored vinyl with a white shit and snazzy red bow tie.  Find it at De Korner’s booth [#1153] for $39 (tax included).

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De Korner – Wondercon Exclusive Minicel (4.18 – 4.20)

De Korner will be exhibiting at Wondercon in Anaheim this weekend (4.18 – 4.20) with several new exclusives including their exclusive Minicel (5”) from Rotobox and Kuso Vinyl.  Limited to just 50 pieces, the yellow + black design complete with wings and twin blasters will be available from De Korner’s booth [#1153] for $22 (incl. tax).

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