Feb 18, 2017

Itokin Park, Mirock Toy and Kto Kto at Wonder Festival 2017 Winter (2.19)


Itokin Park, Mirock Toy and Kto Kto will be at Wonder Festival 2017 (2.19) at table 5-16-4.  Itokin Park will offer three one-day-license releases based on popular Japanese Manga including Dororon Enma-Kun (wizard), Shīton Dōbutsuki Risu no Banā (squirrel + caterpillar), and  Wanpaku Ouji no Orochi Taiji (prince and tiger).  Mirock Toy will release a new painted edition of his Invader Type A Sebek figure featuring a Pharaoh-style design.  Kto Kto will offer several of his sweet monster minis.  Both Mirock and Kto Kto will start their releases at 1 PM – no word on the timing of Itokin’s releases


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T9G and Shoko Nakazawa at Wonder Festival 2017 Winter (2.19)


Tomorrow’s the day (2.9)… Wonder Festival 2017 Winter at Makuhari Messe.  While the show focuses on resin kits, we’ll be covering numerous sofubi artists including T9G and Shoko Nakazawa who will be releasing several of their personal releases at the Instinctoy booth (4-02-06).   It looks like the drops will include a crystal clear Rangeas, Red+White marbled Byron and Rangerons, a new Monkey King and a blue+white Nekotaro.  It also appears that T9G will have a small number (5?) special Coret figures.  Sales will proceed by random draw to choose line-up order.

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Feb 14, 2017

Restore at WonderFestival 2017 Winter


Restore will be showing at the upcoming WonderFestival 2017 Winter (2.9) at Makuhari Messe just outside of Tokyo. So far, they’ve announced three releases: Hemoglo Meat (9000 yen) which will apparently have secret editions, Collect Lister Golden Town (9000 yen) which by the description looks to have a special process for that supa-bling shine, and finally Neo-Japan Oni-Aoi (10,000 yen) featuring the first Oni devil head version. If you’re going to the show, you’ll find Restore at table 4-20-06.

image (1)image (2)

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Feb 08, 2017

Itokin Park is Working on Dororon Enma-kun Figures for WonderFest (2.19)


Part of the fun of WonderFest in Japan are the one-day license releases where artists get the chance to release officially licensed versions of popular manga, tv, and movie characters for, yep you guessed it, just one day at a very reasonable royalty.  Itokin Park makes the most of these one-day licenses, releasing his own sofubi of some of his favorite pop characters.  This year he’s bringing Go Nagai’s Dororon Enma-kun comedy-horror manga/anime to life, complete with Chapeauji (hat-like Yokai) and Kapperu (kappa-water sprite).  So far Itokin Park has teased us with the waxes for the figures which will be released on 2.19 at WonderFestival 2017 Winter in Tokyo.  We hope to have some more revealing photos to share shortly.

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