Feb 09, 2019

Kasing Lung x Kow Yokoyama x How2work — Labubu Pilot at WonderFestival (2.10)


As WonderFestival Winter 2019 opens today in Japan (2.10), one of the biggest draws is likely to be the lottery for the band-new Labubu Pilot, a collaboration between Maschinen Krieger creator Kow Yokoyama,  Kasing Lung, and How2Work. Yokoyama designed Labubu's outfit based on the classic SAFS mecha pilot uniform.  Limited to just 20 pieces, the new polystone figure brings a new level of sculpted and painted detail to the artist's extremely popular signature character.

These will be available via lottery at 10 AM at booth 4-28-01.   For those not at WF, the bad news is this is a guaranteed sell-out. The plus side?  Hope for future editions.


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Feb 07, 2019

Six Twentyeight -- Mitt Clear for WonderFestival Winter (2.10)


Ooooh.  Six Twentyeight will release his signature Mitt sofubi toy in an unpainted clear edition for WonderFestival Winter (2.10) from booth 8-34-08. This is a must-have for fans of the bumper car bulldog.   No word on an online drop, but he often releases additional stock after conventions.

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Fufufanny — Boof Pastel for WonderFestival (2.10)


Fufufanny will release her new Boof Pastel resins at WonderFestival Winter on Sunday (2.10).  Available in assorted colors, the toy features Boof who is Linus the cat's tail/imaginary friend and Fujisan, the mountain from which he's erupting.  If you're going to the show you can pick up this explosion of cuteness from Booth 4-28-01 along with the artist's Nora OG edition.


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Feb 05, 2019

Meet Nora by Fanny Kao — She's Off to WonderFestival (2.10)


Fanny Kao will debut her Nora Original edition resin figures at WonderFestival Winter (2.10).  Previously released as unpainted, mixed parts versions back in September for STGGC, Nora looks quite fancy in her fully-painted fashion--even making an irksome protective collar look stylish.  If you're going to the convention (on the outskirts of Tokyo), be sure to drop by booth 4-28-01 to check out Nora and perhaps adopt her into your home.


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Yutani Shouten — Transformers Sofubi for WonderFestival Winter 2019 (2.10)


WonderFestival Winter 2019 is almost here (2.10) and with it waves of new toys including a WF specialty: toys created with one-day licenses.  Some of the biggest entertainment properties in Japan allow indie toy makers to create toys based on iconic characters to be sold for just one day—the Sunday that WonderFestival is held.

For this upcoming WF, Yutani Shouten will release two Transformers sofubi—a fully painted Soundwave and a Golden Starscream.  Both will be available, for one day only via license from Tomy, at the Paralyzing Toys booth [8-31-02] at WF Winter (2.10) at Makuhari Messe just outside of Tokyo. The new 1-day releases follow the brand's previous Transformer drops at the WonderFestival Summer 2018 event.


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Feb 02, 2019

Steven Choi x Kaiyodo -- Zu & Pi Mini Series Debuts at WonderFestival (2.10)


Steven Choi is working with Japan's Kaiyodo to bring his Zu & Pi Universe to life as a new mini series.  The new series will be shown at the upcoming WonderFestival Winter (2.10) in Japan. This first sneak peek of what appears to be a celestial creature is quite promising with an excellent paint design. The new minis should be a nice compliment to the artist's larger Pi vinyl figures.

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